Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to jailbreak A5 idevices (iphone 4s/ipad 2)

Looking for a way to jailbreak your A5 devices (iphone 4s, ipad 2) ?

You can only jailbreak only if your device is currently on ios 5.0 or 5.0.1

It should be easier than redsn0w, here is how ..

1. Download latest update of Absinthe (jailbreak tool) from here
2. Extract files
3. Run as administrator
4. Connect your A5 device to your pc (make sure your device is connected to wi-fi too)
5. Click on jailbreak
6. Wait to get it all done
7. When it says "almost done .." slide to unlock your device, find and tap on Absinthe icon (green skull)
8. Let it reboot and poof, your idevice is jailbroken ..

After reboot, you will find cydia installed (cydia is like app store for jailbroken idevices). If you don't know what to do after jailbreak, i might have to do another post next time ..

p/s: There should be no error at all, but if it does, leave a comment and i'll try to figure it out ..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Jailbreaking and stuff

Hi guys,
I think i should skip the introduction because it will be like long-time-no-see kinda thing yet again .. so .. screw it !

So, lot of people ask me (really?) about this iphone jailbreaking stuff and I'm glad they do because I think I know a lot about this stuff. (I think ..)

There is a few things that first have to be considered if you are jailbreaking and unlocking your iphone. Which is:

1.The model, whether it would be 3g, 3gs, or 4
2.Your current iphone firmware
3.Your modem firmware or known as bb (baseband)
4.Whether or not you ever jailbroken your iphone

So, a lot of my friends usually are in need to unlock their iphone so that they can use it with any sim card.

If you want to unlock your iphone, you have to make sure your baseband is not higher than 5.13.04 for 3g or 3gs (for the time being).

By any chance if your baseband is higher than that you might be screwed. But there is still way.

You can upgrade your 3g and 3gs to ipad baseband which is 6.15.00, which i do not recommend because you might have GPS problem. Especially 3gs with new bootrom. For 3gs case, once you upgrade to ipad baseband, you cant ever DOWNGRADE it again (at least for now). For 3gs user, there is still way to downgrade from ipad baseband but i won't discuss about it right now.

For iphone 4 user, if your baseband is higher than 1.59.00, you cant upgrade to ipad baseband but I'm afraid you need to buy gevey sim to unlock your iphone without jailbreaking it. There some tutorial on how to use gevey sim all over the internet. Google is your friend, yahoo might too.

I believe some people out there still afraid of losing their unlock if their upgrade their iphone to later firmware. Don't worry. You CAN PRESERVE YOUR BASEBAND if you restore your iphone to custom firmware. To build custom firmware, you might need 'sn0wbreeze' to do that ( I assume that u all are windows users).

In case you never preserve your baseband, you should now that the only unmodified firmware that have unlockable baseband is till 4.0.1 . If your firmware is higher than that and you never got your baseband preserved, no .. your iphone is not unlockable except if you upgrade it to ipad baseband. (which you need redsn0w to do that)

To unlock (if your iphone meets the requirement), just install ultrasn0w in cydia for free.

Frankly, the conditions needed for unlocking is quite tough and is the pain in the ass. Jailbreaking needs less conditions n less complicated. You can almost jailbreak any firmware nowadays.

But there is still case when the latest firmware you are at is unable to be jailbroken, what is your option ? Well, if you cant wait for new jailbreak than I guess you need to downgrade.

So, whats the drill ? What is needed to downgrade your iphone ?
To downgrade, you have to be sure whether or not your iphone ever being jailbroken. Everytime when you jailbreak, you will have this app called cydia which will automatically installed. Cydia will upload your current firmware's shsh file to their servers so that you can downgrade to this current firmware again if you ever accidentally upgrade your iphone to later firmware that is unable to be jailbroken. You need the shsh file so u can downgrade.

That is just the condition. To downgrade, you need 'tinyumbrella' and of course itune. I'm just explaining the whole process roughly.

And you have to know that the backup you made from later firmware cannot be restored to lower firmware. You have to take the consequences or be smart and find the way how to overcome this yourself or you can ask me and drop some comments.

There is a few ways to jailbreak whether to modify the original firmware with sn0wbreeze, jailbreak it with redsn0w or greenp0ison accoding to the firmware availability.

There are many good websites that offer nice tutorials on the internet like *

Some important websites are :

If there is any request for ps3 unlocking tutorial, just drop some comments and let me now. Because I dont see any proper tutorial on the internet and I intend to do some nice tutorial. (really?)

That's all for now. Any Question ?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Distraction

Hi again ..

wait .. did i sound like.. this-is-not-my-blog,-just-drop-by-once-in-awhile ? well, sounds like one to me. ok2, the hell with it.

Actually i got a lot of things to write in this blog, i have so many ideas (quite), but to find the right time, energy, spirit, commitment?? that is the hard part. I dont have the momentum to start. Guess what, Im this kind of dude. You cant change it. But of course I can. And yea thats a LOL. so please ..

はい、そこまで。 Till now, Im still quite confused whether the path i choose here on is right or wrong (not really). Why I study abroad? To study? seriously? Frankly speaking I dont think so. The main and the best things are to have better pride, and money. Somehow it comes with the package.

Why did I say so? Well some people may try hard, learn hard to make it all through buat as for me, i dont take it seriously. If before, when I was in elementary school or high school, I'll try my best (quite) to reach to the top, the highest. I would compete, I will be better than anyone else, Im the finest, other people's junk even they are not. something like that. though Im not as good.

Now? no. Learn? just to be average or a lil below than average as long as I am qualified. Is that so? Let me think...hmm, or maybe ..

I've changed, I've became stupid (most simple n hurting word to me). Why do I think so?

The first theory is maybe because I'm lack of confident.

The second theory is maybe because I dont have to be good. Because Im not a Japanese, Im a foreign student who study in a country with different language. So, I dont have to be better.

The third theory is maybe because of the language. The most huge concrete wall of all.

The forth theory is maybe because I dont have the courage to study ( definitely this one).

The fifth theory is maybe because I depend too much on the past year's questions.

So, what do you think about it. Which theory am I practised? Ok. Maybe all of them. That's explain why I even think of them on the first place. huh. yes Im 'huh'ing.

oOowh. You know what, i have another theory or maybe another main topic of this discussion. It's DISTRACTION. Study was never my first priority. Bad huh? Everytime I think about study, other thing will first come out of my mind. Do you know what is it?

Yes, even when Im posting on this blog, it's always one of them. Forget about that for a second. I like money. I mean, I like something to do with the money and stuff. But I dont like to gain it in a hard way. So, I was having the hardest time on how to figure it out. I will mention some of it here.

It's by creating your own website. Well i haven't actually create one but I already have the idea on my mind. Of course it not gonna be easy, plus if you are a student because you might need a lot of time to spend on your computer. If you want to use your brain instead of your muscle, then this is the alternative option.

Some of you might ask, is creating your own website free? The answer is no. You need to invest some of your money in order to initiate your first step. You need money to invest to buy your domain. Domain is the '' stuff. Even that part is njot easy, you cant just choose anything, you might want your domain to suit your content. Even if you can think of one, doesnt it is available.. there is millions of domains out there.. some of them might happen to be one that you've thought of. There is also variety extensions when it comes to choosing your domain.. it can be .com, .org, .us, .net, .info, .tv and few others. Of course we want the .com one, I dont really know why, figure it out yourself. As far as I know, the price for each extensions is also different.

How can you earn money by creating a website? I asked the same question before, I've come to understand the whole concept now a little. It's by advertising ads on your website. That's the way. The most profitable and easiest way is that one.

But, that is still not enough. You must attract a lot of people to visit your website in order to make your investment worth your pay. You have to figure out what's the thing that you can write the most. Focus on that topic alone if you can. You must make the visitors believe that your content is the best. Of course it takes time. Patience is the key.

As for me, i decided to write post about technology and media stuff, specifically. So, i hope you guys will support me and enjoy the posts as much as you can.

And actually I have found another way to earn money on the internet. But I dont think you might want to know yet because I understand how hard to believe in online business because a lot of them is just scams.

I decided to invest my money on this (moderately). And when I'm stable, only then I'll share it with you all. So, stay tune.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Determination

Like I always, I'm back blogging out of no where .. it's not really because i dont want to update.. but i keep on hesitating because everytime i want to make new post.. i always want to make it as fancy as possible... fancy?! ok ..

So now.. I think it's appropriate for me to write a post about .. current life issue .. hey dun get excited, it's not individual really, it's more like students' life n more like me!! ok.. still me ..
what do u expect, this is my blog.. haha

Recently I have to retake calculus exams because i failed it at earlier semester.. fuuuu, i was doomed. I got to admit that i'm slow or the simplest n heartbreaking word.. that is stupid ..hehe
I dun know hw people look at me but I always think that I'm not good enough n I always know that it's true. Actually I failed 2 subject earlier semester .. "senkeidaisuu" n this shit calculus o so-called "biseki" in japanese. I can hardly understand anything at all in that class.. o.0 ..rteally. I hate biseki. It kills me quite few times. but guess what, who cares..haha.

Ok. And after i returned to Japan after having Hari Raya in Malaysia, i had to take this intensive class. For biseki of course. I spent my time there from 8.45 a.m to 4.30p.m in that class for 4 days!! Who would have stand that?? Me!! There was quite few numbers Japanese student in that class with me, we r forced to squeeze our brain's juice to complete a book full of calculus question. There was basic, standard n harder questions. Like hell. Even the basic questions were not as simple as it looks. But I did try my best. I asked what i can ask. I tried what i could.
Frankly speaking, some questions was so evil that i thought only a sensei can solve. The theory manipulated questions. Like hell.

During that hard times. I always wish that it would over fast. I cant stand that pressure anymore. U know what, I complete that book on my own, I tried to solve some evil questions by finding the answer on the internet. I was lucky because there were some answers online. Like hell. I didn't really study, I focused on finishing that evil book.

This what really is, during that hell .. I thought about improving myself. I wanted to organize my study, my future, everything. I wasso fired up. I want to do everything, I just wish that class n that exam will be over fast! BUt u know, I always knew what will happen. .... Nothing.

I won't progressed, after a hell, i'll lose all of my good intentions. It's disappeared into thin openings, weaknesses. duh .. I knew that would happened. But i still holding on that hope, slightest chance for me to improve myself. Because I'm tired suffering at the end.

well how about you? Are you persistent enough to do what u want to do? Well i doubt i can..hmm
Any idea? BUt hope is a way dont u think. So, it's my first step by hoping. Let's hope. Gachang!

I like this song. Don't anyone dare to deny.. kekeke
(feel free to pause the song at the right side)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It`s Darkness

Somehow today I broke down. Now?? Well not that bright but better i think. What I`m really trying to say here is that. The feeling is so different when we are happy and when we are emo. It`s like we turned into another person. Does this happen to you too? Well, I do. This is the darkness thought i had.

I would like to grief without being asked why...

Why bother being bright when you are not?

Do I really have to smile?

This world is so heart-breaking.

Why being nice when they think it`s awkward?

Yes. That`s what I thought. I dun really know the reason. Maybe surrounding, some reactions. But that`s not the main point.

What I think is, the darkness is needed to digest all the emo, the bad feelings. We might suffer for some times, but of course that helps. It acts like a temporary black hole that absorbs almost anything.

Sometimes when we try to achieve something, we went emo....then someone came and tell us not to give up n to keep trying. Do you like that? Most of the time we do, but we are actually sick being told to do the right thing. Am I wrong? We just need time to give up for a while. For me, giving up is a part of process. If you are not agree I hate you. (still x in the mood).

That`s all for now.............this darkness shouldn`t end yet.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Sickness

This entry got nothing to do with me, im just posting this for fun, enjoy..

When suddenly you feel like dead

when suddenly you feel like not doing anything

When suddenly you feel like your heart is hollow

when suddenly you feel like its no life

when suddenly you feel like sleeping not on time,

when suddenly you feel like no one care

when suddenly you feel you are on your own,

when suddenly you feel like emo when you are not,

when suddenly you feel like pissing off,

A: when suddenly you feel like..

B: huh..stop it..

A: why?

B: just what the hell are you doing..?

expressing your feeling?

A: it so wrong..?

B: yes.. who cares.. getta outta here..

You r no life..

dun get a life

dun ever try to do something u dun deserve..


A: hmm..

B: get lost, dun speak..shut up..

stop..dun get cracked, u r no one to be pitied..

A: ....

B: hey..u r still here..

GOOOOO! disappear!..

please.. i beg..

get gone..

u make me sick..

A: so, that's what u think about me? So, you were pretending?

B: yes!

A: i knew it all..

B: stop guessing..go to hell..

A: well..uh-uhm..its ok..

B: ....

A: u dun have to tell me..

B: .............

A: i know the world hates me..

i won't cry

i' ll live

i dun need you to help me feel worse

i won't be fooled by a human like u

u r pathetic..

hating everyone for no reason..

anyway who are you to judge..

so, u have someone who loves you..?

are u sure u r the righteous?

are u sure u r not one of us..

or r u just afraid because u are one?

give me a break..

there's angel and god behind me..

even if i lose my all..

I still have them..

do you?

if u lose everything..

r u sure u still have something?


u dun have to answer..

i dun wan to know..

this world is sick...

so do i, so do u..

we just need to think of our own sake

not others..

so devils, be gone........................

i like this video, it's a vocaloid, means it's not human who sang this..
feel free to pause the song on the right side when listening to this video.. ^ ^

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's The Key !!

This time i will make a tutorial on how to unlock your jailbroken iphone. I' ll make it as simple.

1. Open cydia on your iphone.

2. Go to manage section and tap 'Sources'

3. Tap 'edit' and then tap 'add'

4. Enter this source '' Take note that the '0' for sn0w is 'zero'.

5. Let it update database n anything. Then, tap done if u finish adding the source.

6. In cydia again, go to 'search' section and search for 'ultrasn0w', make sure the version of ultrasn0w is 0.93 if it's 0.92, download or update the source packages before installing.

7. T-Mobile USA users should disable 3G before using ultrasn0w.

8. Install and reboot your iphone.

Congrates! Your iphone is now unlocked ..

ULTRASN0W 0.93 supports baseband up to 05.13.04 for NOW..

Be free to watch the tutorial's video ( I trust this guy ) :